Magistrate Court


Ashley Warnix


Located inside the Kerr County Jail


The Magistrate Court is where defendants will make their first appearance within 48 hours of arrest. In cases where the individual was arrested without an arrest warrant, bench warrant, capias or other order from a Judge, the Magistrate shall determine if there is probable cause to believe the accused committed the offense. If upon review, the Magistrate agrees there is probable cause, the Magistrate will inform the accused of their charges, go over their legal rights, discuss bond amounts and types, any additional bond conditions, and discuss their attorney options. If the Magistrate has reason to believe the accused is not mentally competent, the Magistrate shall enter a request for counsel on their behalf.

Magistrate Court

400 Clearwater Paseo
Kerrville, Texas 78028
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
(excluding holidays)

The Kerr County Court Plan for Prompt Magistration can be read in full here.


The Magistrate has the authority to grant emergency protection when a person is arrested and charged with a type of family violence, including but not limited to, assault, threat of violence and sexual assault. A Magistrate's Order of Emergency Protection can last up to 61 days, sometimes 91 days. Should the protected parties in an emergency order feel an extension is needed beyond the date on the order, they can reach out to the County Attorney's Office for assistance with the application at (830)792-2220. 


Each person who enters the detention center will be assessed to determine the possibility of mental illness (defined by Section 571.003 of the Health and Safety Code) or intellectual disability (defined by Section 591.003 of the Health and Safety Code). If it's determined that such reasonable cause exists, the Magistrate will issue an order for further evaluation by the local mental health or local intellectual and developmental disability authority to collect the necessary information. If the defendant is released from custody, they may be required to report for evaluation at the local mental health or developmental disability authority within 30 days of the order being signed.

If the defendant is determined to have a mental illness or intellectual disability, a written assessment of such information shall be provided to the trial court of record for the defendant.


Please send any motions or filings to The court will acknowledge receipt with further instructions. If you do not hear back from us within three business days, please email the court again without adding attachments. The Magistrate Court is not available on county holidays (please see HOLIDAY SCHEDULE located here).

[Please note that the court, nor any employee of said court, can offer you legal advice. The Magistrate cannot directly or indirectly initiate, permit, nor consider ex parte or other private communications concerning the merits of a pending or impending judicial proceeding. Any requests to speak with the Magistrate directly regarding such inquiries will be denied.]

Pro se litigants: Please seek the advice of an attorney or legal aid, or use the resources available at Texas Law Help to answer any questions you may have on filing motions. This site offers free printable forms with instructions for many types of motions/petitions.

The Magistrate Court is stationed inside the Kerr County Jail, located at 400 Clearwater Paseo in Kerrville. For bond amounts, or to see if a defendant has been magistrated, please call the Kerr County Jail at 830-896-1257 and speak with a clerk.

The Magistrate Court is unable to answer any emails regarding inmate inquiries or requests.